One Beat CPR is heading to the YMCA General Assembly 2016 in Kansas City, MO

YMCA general assembly 2016 one beat cpr kansas city


We are off to the YMCA General Assembly – a great example of american fellowship with staff, counselors and volunteers coming together to further an organization with a long history in our communities (and the world!). The Y is a landmark in every city and in the hearts of thousands of children.

Our goal with this event is to connect with members representing their communities. To share their values and become part of furthering their mission. We want to present our services and the products that we trust.

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USA vs CUBA Kickboxing at the Hard Rock Hollywood – Sponsored by One Beat CPR + AED

This is a historic rematch that first took place in Havana, in December 2015. This ended up a SOLD OUT event.

Now for the first time on US soil both teams will collide in the ring again.

Leading up to the fight, the Weigh ins are Friday night at 5:30 – Poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood



Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 – Doors open for networking at 6:00 pm – Fights start at 7:30 at the HARD ROCK Ballroom


The proceeds of this event benefit Construction Angels who provide assistance to family members that have suffered a catastrophic injury while working in the construction industry.  Admission to the event is open to all ages and should provide a great night of entertainment for a great cause


We are proud to offer discounted tickets to our everyday heroes, 20% OFF for Armed Forces, Police, Firefighters and EMS personnel. Visit our social media pages to see the codes.

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We are ready and hope to see you there!


Sheriff’s Deputy Awarded for Saving Life with CPR and AED

To Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Ethan Moss, February 4th response to a 911 call was just part of the routine, but for homeowners, Tim and Roby Bush, Deputy Moss was a hero that day.  Upon finding Tim Bush unresponsive and not breathing, Deputy Moss immediately administered the automated external defibrillator (AED) and started CPR.  After just 2 minutes, Bush began breathing on his own and was transported to the hospital. The 54 year old has since been discharged from the Hospital and made a full recovery.  Deputy Moss received a Commendation award for saving the man’s life.

Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson presents Deputy Ethan Moss with a commendation award for saving a man’s life.

Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson presents Deputy Ethan Moss with a commendation award for saving a man’s life.

Deputy Moss, a four year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, husband and father of two boys, and United States Army veteran, is no stranger to saving lives. In July of 2015, Moss also saved a 62 year old man by administering an AED and CPR.

Law enforcement is often the first on scene to a medical emergency. Receiving CPR and first aid training and carrying an AED enables them to act quickly to save a life.  Deputy Moss was quick to apply his training to save a life; Mr. and Mrs. Bush couldn’t be more grateful.

One Beat CPR + AED at the National Sheriff’s Association in Minneapolis, MN





           One Beat CPR will be among the exhibitors at the National Sheriff’s Association 2016 Conference and Expo. This is a five day long event, packed full of special activities. Starting on Saturday June 25th with the Sheriff’s Posse 5K Fun Run through downtown Minneapolis. Then on Monday June 27th a free 16-hour training course in Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE). The training session is open to all participants, however registration is required.  For a change of pace, there will be a Golf Outing on Wednesday June 29th, at the beautiful Legends Golf Course. Coming at the end of this convention,  the Sheriff’s Association will host the Presidential Reception and Banquet Night.


For more details and a complete schedule of activities, please visit

The National Sheriff’s Association brings together officials, chiefs of police, public service agents of several organizations across the US to receive education and training and to walk through the showcase of the newest equipment, products and services available. We are looking forward to meeting you there.

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Brave and courageous 7-yr old girl helps save a 6-yr old boy from drowning at local water park – CPR + AED News

Margate, FL – It was the first Saturday after school ended, a perfect day to enjoy being outside. Like all kids this time of year, Christine Regina asked her grandmother to take her to Calypso Cove Water Park in Margate, FL. Every summer, Christine, a Port St. Lucie resident looks forward to spending time with her grandparents because the water park is near their home. On Saturday, June 18th. they spent most of the morning there, but once the afternoon started progressing, grandma Penny told Christine “Ten More minutes” to leave the facility. Christine obeyed and gathered her water gear. She swam around wearing her goggles before leaving and started to dive underwater. On one of the dives she noticed something unusual at the bottom of the pool.

The video below captures Christine speaking about her reaction to finding the boy.

She realized he was not acting normal and needed help. She quickly grabbed the nearest person, which happened to be 15 yr old Rebecca Valbrun. The teenage girl followed Christine underwater and saw the little boy too. Rebecca started yelling for help, catching the attention of the lifeguards on duty. The two girls bravely pulled up the little boy’s body and brought him to the surface. He was placed on his back poolside and the lifeguards started performing CPR. Emergency services were called and thankfully an AED was readily available.  The lifeguards deployed the defibrillator and with it brought back the little boy. He spent two days recovering from the incident and according to his mom, he is now stable and well.

By Sunday, Christine was a town hero. The Margate Mayor, Tommy Ruzzano,  visited the family at their home to thank her for her actions and awarded Christine with a public recognition certificate “for being aware, alert and responsive, in preventing a possible drowning and saving a life on June 18, 2016.”

We are so proud of this young girl.

During summer and especially when near or around water, young children should have constant supervision. Accidents can happen in a moment. Prevent a tragedy by following our recommendations – visit our Facebook page to read more.


Here Comes the Bride, Performs CPR and Saves A Life

Andrew Nixon and Julie Stroyne Nixon

Pittsburgh newlyweds, Andrew Nixon and Julie Stroyne Nixon, left their wedding reception at almost midnight intending to check into their hotel. As luck would have it, just before they headed through the hotel’s doors, someone shouted, “Does anybody know CPR? Is anybody a doctor?” Still in her wedding gown, Julie, a trauma nurse at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, headed over to help. On a park bench was a woman barely breathing.

Julie Stroyne Nixon

“I looked over, and I think my nursing instincts took over,” she recalls. She began to administer CPR. “I started compressions right away. They told me she didn’t have a pulse.” Little by little, the woman regained consciousness. Julie stayed with her and tried to make sure she didn’t fall. By the time paramedics arrived, the woman was doing much better.

Having known Julie since childhood, her husband offers, “Nothing quite compares with saving a life. It was a heroic act, but I’ve known her for long enough, I’m not surprised at all.”

Julie adds, “It really did seem that we were in the right place at the right time.”

Anyone who knows CPR/AED skills can be in the right place at the right time. Be prepared to save a life, sign up for a CPR/AED class today. Visit to register.


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Summer is around the corner and children will be spending time outside playing sports and other physical activities. The One Beat Foundation is sponsoring a preventive heart screening event for youth ages 10 – 18.

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